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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a therapeutic discipline that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Through specific principles and fundamentals, osteopaths seek to restore the body’s balance and promote the overall health of the individual. Self-regulation and healing of the body are fundamental pillars in the practice of osteopathy.

Principles and Fundamentals of Osteopathy:

In osteopathy, the interrelationship between the structure and function of the body is recognized. Osteopaths work on the basis of these principles, using manual techniques to correct dysfunctions and help the body regain its natural balance. Awareness of this relationship is key in the osteopathic therapeutic approach.

Benefits of Osteopathy

Osteopathy offers a number of significant health and wellness benefits for patients. Through specialized manual techniques, it is achieved:

  • Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

One of the main benefits of osteopathy is the relief of musculoskeletal pain. Through joint and soft tissue manipulation, discomfort is reduced and patients’ quality of life is improved.

  • Improved Mobility and General Health

In addition to relieving pain, osteopathy helps to improve the mobility and functionality of the body as a whole. This makes it easier to perform daily activities and reduces the likelihood of future injuries.

  • Injury Prevention

Osteopathic treatment can correct imbalances and dysfunctions in the body, which helps prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Maintaining balance and correct posture helps to avoid future health problems.

  • Lifestyle and Posture Tips

Osteopaths not only treat symptoms, but also provide lifestyle and posture advice. These recommendations help patients maintain a healthy body and prevent possible future ailments.

Osteopathic techniques applied at ELOE Center, El Campello
  • Joint Manipulation: This technique involves rapid, controlled movements of the joints to improve mobility and reduce pain.
  • Myofascial Release Techniques: Focus on releasing tension and improving flexibility of the connective tissue (fascia) surrounding the muscles.
  • Muscle Stretching: Different stretching techniques are used to improve muscle flexibility and reduce stiffness.
  • Visceral Mobilization Techniques: These are used to improve the mobility of internal organs and their relationship with musculoskeletal structures.
  • Craniosacral Techniques: Focus on balance and mobility of the craniosacral system, which includes the skull, spine and sacrum.
  • Muscle Energy Techniques: Used to improve muscle function and relieve pain through muscle activation and relaxation.
  • Other complementary techniques: Depending on the approach of the physical therapy center and therapist, other techniques such as acupuncture, manual therapy and therapeutic exercise may also be used.

It is important to remember that osteopathic treatment must be performed by trained professionals with a Validated Diploma in Osteopathy.

The choice of specific techniques will depend on the individual assessment and diagnosis of each patient.

ELOE Center is pleased to have Natalia Lloret, osteopath and physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience in the field, to provide a service in osteopathy in El Campello quality and total security.

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