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Paediatric respiratory physiotherapy

What is it?

At Centro ELOE we focus on the treatment of respiratory pathologies in children and babies. This technique focuses on improving the patient’s respiratory function, using specific exercises to strengthen the respiratory muscles and improve lung ventilation.

The objectives of paediatric respiratory physiotherapy are mainly the prevention of respiratory complications, the reduction of the frequency and intensity of respiratory crises, the increase of lung capacity and the improvement of the patients’ quality of life. Some of the most common conditions treated with paediatric respiratory physiotherapy are cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome.

How do we work?

Paediatric respiratory physiotherapy treatment may include various techniques and exercises, including:

  1. Breathing exercises: different types of breathing are performed, such as deep, controlled breathing, diaphragmatic breathing and supported breathing.

  2. Postural drainage techniques: different body positions are used to help drain lung secretions and improve respiratory function.

  3. Percussive and vibration techniques: shocks and vibrations are applied to the back and chest to help loosen lung secretions and improve breathing capacity.

  4. Strengthening and endurance exercises: specific exercises are performed to improve the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles, which helps to improve lung capacity and respiratory function.


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